Ladder and Columns

in the Ladder and Columns component, Bookmap displays a price scale broken into price levels and configurable columns. Each column can be set to display a certain type of data for each of the price levels on the ladder. The following column types are available: Current Order Book, Volume, Trades Counter, Quotes Counter, Quotes Delta, and Custom Notes. By default, only Current Order Book column is displayed.

Configuring the layout

To configure the layout of this component:

1. Right-click on a column. In the menu that pops up, you can switch the currently chosen column to any of the available columns by clicking on a column title. In addition, you can insert a new column or hide the currently selected one.

Note: Column headings only contain abbreviations of the actual column titles. To view the full column title, hover your mouse over the header.

2. Using the same menu, you can configure any of the added columns. To do so, select Configure column… In the menu that pops up, you can configure the display parameters specific to each column type. Articles in this section describe all the columns and all the settings you can configure for them.

3. You can resize any of the columns. To do so, drag and drop the left-hand border of its header to the desired position.

4. To change the order in which the columns are displayed, grab a column header and move it to a new position. Repeat until the columns are displayed in the desirable order.

5. You can zoom in or out on any price section around the center of the ladder. To zoom in, drag any column upward. To zoom out, drag any column downward.

6. By default, the ladder is automatically centered based on the best bid price. To choose a different re-centering algorithm or disable automatic centering, right-click on the price ladder and make the corresponding selection.

Continue reading the articles in this section to learn how to interpret the data provided by each column type and how to configure the display.