Volume (CVP, SVP), Trades Counter (CTC, STC), and Quotes Counter (CQC, SQC)

The Volume column displays the current accumulated volume for each of the price levels. The Trades counter column displays the number of trades accumulated at each price level. The Quotes counter column displays the number of quotes refreshed at each price level. The colors used to display the values can help you identify the aggressor side: buy or sell.

Two modes of accumulation are available from the right-click menu for any of these columns:

  • Session Accumulation (SVP): The values are accumulated since the beginning of the Bookmap session.
  • Chart Range Accumulation (CVP): The values are only accumulated during the period corresponding to the currently visible area of the Bookmap chart. Zooming in or out on the Bookmap chart may change the values displayed in the column.

In addition to the accumulation settings, you can configure the following display options for any of the columns:

1. Background color. Use this option to set a new color for the background of the column.

2. Bars/numbers. Choose which data representation you would like to see: bars only, numbers only, or both.

3. Style options. Use this option to:

  • Split display: Bid and ask sides will be aligned by the opposite borders of the columns.
  • Inverse display: If you have selected Split display, choosing this option will mirror vertically the bid and the ask sides.
  • Align display: If Split display is off, you can align both bid and ask data by the left border, the right border, or the center of the column.