AddChartBubble ( boolean up);

Default values:

up: Yes


Adds a bubble with a text to the specified location when the specified condition is true.

Note that you can break down the text into several lines; this can be done using \n escape sequence (see Example 2 for details).

Input parameters

Parameter Default value Description
time condition - Defines condition upon which the bubble is displayed
price location - Defines price at which the tip of the bubble is displayed
text - Defines text to be displayed in the bubble
color Color.RED Defines color of the bubble
up Yes Defines whether the bubble should be displayed above the price location (otherwise it will be displayed below)


input timeFrame = {default DAY, "2 DAYS", "3 DAYS", "4 DAYS", WEEK, MONTH, "OPT EXP"};
AddChartBubble(high == high(period = timeFrame), high, "High of " + timeFrame + ": " + high,, yes);
AddChartBubble(low == low(period = timeFrame), low, "Low of " + timeFrame + ": " + low,, no);

This example shows bubbles with values and a description on the selected time frame extremums.

Example 2 (Multiline Display)

AddChartBubble(GetYYYYMMDD() != GetYYYYMMDD()[1], high, "O: " + open(period = "DAY") + "\nChg: " + ( open(period = "DAY") - open(period = "DAY")[1] ), Color.PLUM, yes);

This example adds chart bubbles after rollover lines, which display daily Open price and its change since previous day's Open.