The Three Ten Oscillator study comprises four plots, the combination of which is used to determine Buy and Sell signals. These signals are related to two plots of the study: the Fast Line plot and the Slow Line plot. There are two modes of calculating the Fast Line plot.

In normal mode, the Fast Line plot shows the difference between the two simple moving averages of price: 3 period and 10 period ones. In the alternate mode, this plot represents a 2 period moving average of difference between the price and a 3 period moving average of price from 3 bars ago. In both modes, the Slow Line plot is a slow (16 period) simple moving average of the first plot.

When the Fast Line overtakes the Slow Line, it is interpreted as an uptrend, while the Fast Line falling below the Slow Line signifies a downtrend. Thus, the corresponding crossovers of the two plots are considered to indicate Buy and Sell signals.


For additional confirmation, the mentioned plots are complemented with Zero Line and Hist plots (the latter represents Fast Line values in the histogram form). Positive values of the histogram confirm the Buy signal and negative values confirm the Sell signal.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
price The price used to calculate the averages.
calculation mode Defines whether normal or alternate mode is used.


Plot Description
FastLine The Fast Line plot.
SlowLine The Slow Line plot.
Hist The Fast Line histogram.
ZeroLine Zero level.


*For illustrative purposes only. Not a recommendation of a specific security or investment strategy.