The ATRHighSMABreakoutsFilter study is part of an ATR-based trading system developed by Ken Calhoun. Being the first step in the system, it recognizes symbols consistent with application of the strategy. Like many other study filters, it has been adapted for usage in thinkorswim Stock Hacker. As it is discussed in Mr. Calhoun's article “ATR Breakout Entries”, it is intended to be used for stock symbols with an aggregation period of 1 day.

When applied as a filter, the study will recognize, by default, symbols priced between $15 and $70 with a 90-day range of at least $5 and a minimum daily volume of 1,000,000. All numbers are customizable via input parameters.

Input Parameters

min price Defines the minimum low price for a symbol to be found suitable.
max price Defines the maximum high price for a symbol to be found suitable.
min range Defines the minimum high-low range for a symbol to be found suitable.
volume limit Defines the minimum volume for a symbol to be found suitable.
length Defines the time period on which the high price, the low price, and the price range are determined.


ATRBreakoutsScreen A boolean plot that has a value of 1 (true) for symbols that satisfy the filter criteria.

Further Reading

1. "ATR Breakout Entries" by Ken Calhoun. Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, May 2016.



*For illustrative purposes only. Not a recommendation of a specific security or investment strategy.