Bookmap Chart

By default, Bookmap chart displays Heatmap, current bid and ask prices, volume bars, and volume dots – all in real time. Here is how you can configure and use Bookmap chart:

1. To hide the displayed components or view additional ones such as candlestick chart, last price, or VWAP, right-click on the chart and go to Configure visible components. Make the selection of the components you would like to view on the chart.

2.  You can zoom in and out on the chart by doing any of the following:

  • Scroll your mouse wheel while hovering over the chart.
  • Click the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons above the chart. These buttons are hidden by default. To make them visible, right-click on the chart and then click Configuration. In the menu that pops up, activate the Show zoom buttons checkbox.  Click Close.
  • If Zoom by drag is activated, you can zoom in on any area of the chart by dragging the cursor over that area. To activate this mode, click on the Zoom by drag button on the toolbar above the chart.

3. You can freeze your chart by clicking on the Move button on the toolbar. To activate chart movement, click on the Move button again.

4. You can manually specify the time range for the Bookmap chart. To do so, click on the stopwatch icon above the chart and select a desirable time slice from the menu. The time slice defines the distance between the two dotted vertical lines. It will affect the pace the chart is moving at. Note that zooming in or out on the chart will deactivate the time slice you have selected.

5. By default, when you hover your mouse above any of the Heatmap components, a tooltip is shown. This tooltip contains vital information relevant to that component. If you wish to hide the tooltip, deactivate the Show data tooltip icon on the toolbar. The information will still be available in the info bar at the bottom of the Bookmap window.

6. To make your cursor more precise, you can add crosshairs to it. To do so, click on the Crosshairs button above the chart.

7. You can add several types of drawings to your chart by clicking on the Drawing tools button above.  The following drawing types are available: Line, Ray, Horizontal line, Vertical line, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Text.

By default, the drawings are added continuously: when you finish a drawing, the cursor is set for you to add another one. If you only wish to add a single drawing and then switch back to the cursor, activate the Single figure mode option available in the same menu.

You can set the style of the drawings by clicking Change drawing style in the same menu. Doing so will enable you to configure such settings as line and fill colors, line style, and line width.

To edit any drawing, make sure the cursor is on (no drawing is currently selected in the menu), right-click on the drawing and choose Edit. Make necessary changes and click Save and close.

To delete a drawing, right-click on it and choose Delete. To remove all drawings from the chart, click on the Drawing tools button above, select Clear drawings, and confirm this action.