Release notes for December 16, 2017


We here at thinkorswim development have always been big fans of giving the little guys an opportunity to grow. From our traders to our employees to our software features, we have a passion for taking learners with initiative and giving them the time and resources to become successful. In that vein, we have a couple of our works in progress to introduce to you that recently graduated to the next level.

This release brings to you all two small ideas that have graduated to big features: a redesigned Home Screen and multilingual support. We also added a few smaller additions for a little extra credit.

On December 9, we released thinkorswim version 1912. Features include:


New Home Screen

Long ago, we gave the Home Screen feature a chance to prove itself as a worthwhile addition to our beloved thinkorswim software. After spending years as an intern delivering valuable content to our users, refining its marketable skills, and winning over the hearts of many, we are pleased to announce that it has earned a promotion to a tenured tab!

The new Home Screen gives you two major sets of features. On one side is an update feed that gives you streams of curated content that lets you know what’s happening in the world of thinkorswim and the markets at large. The other main section adds a grid of widgets to monitor your account and the market. A scrolling list of news articles, upcoming events, and educational videos will take command of the rest of the area not used by widgets.

Home Screen widgets: The center of the Home Screen provides a configurable grid that allows you to add a number of different widgets with a variety of relevant information about your account or the market as a whole.

  • The widgets can be found by either clicking on “Add widget here box” or moving your mouse to the top part of one of the gadgets to get the menu bar to display then clicking on the two triangles to switch the widget.
  • The menu bar also contains a gear to adjust individual settings for the widget.
  • Each of the widgets can be found in one of four categories: My Account & Portfolio, Market Data, Time & Calendar, and thinkorswim.
  • To add additional grid cells, click the “+” at the lower right of the grid (up to a grid of 3x3).

Available widget categories:

  • My Account & Portfolio has four widgets has four widgets. Portfolio Structure displays the makeup of a portfolio in either a list form or in a heat map. P/L Open displays the currently P/L for the account. Orders displays the number of working, filled, and canceled orders in a graphical format. BP/Cash Available displays the currently buying power and cash in an account.
  • Market Data also has four widgets. Quote displays either a simple chart or a quote on a selected security. Economic Data Metric displays either a simple chart or a numerical value on a selected economic data point. Scan Result Top 5 displays the top 5 results of a dynamic watchlist created from a scan. Watchlist Heat Map displays a heat map for a selected watchlist.
  • The Time & Calendar category has five widgets. World Exchanges Clock displays the current, local time at the selected exchanges. Market Opens/Closes In displays how long until the selected market opens or closes. Moon Phases displays the current phase of the moon. Yes, you read that correctly—and no, we won’t elaborate on why we included it. Market Events displays a selectable list of market events coming up, such as dividends and earnings. Alarms displays the time left until an alarm set by you. Time Left Until displays the time left until a market event such as a market holiday or trade show.
  • thinkorswim has two widgets. Version simply shows the version number of the thinkorswim software currently running. Community Counters displays the number of chat messages sent, trades shared, and alerts triggered by thinkorswim users in the last 7 days.

The update feed: The right-hand side of the new Home Screen includes an update feed about events and announcements relevant to you.

  • The top part of the update feed contains featured articles and update of parituclar importance to all of you (like these release notes!).
  • These updates are broken down into four categories: social media posts, video content, individual articles, and announcements. The buttons at the top of the feed will filter the type of content that you see.
  • Individual posts can be opened using the “globe” button at the end of the post, or shared in myTrade by clicking the “share” button to the right.

 [For illustrative purposes only. Not a recommendation]


Other Home Screen additions: The new Home Screen now also includes a detachable ticket gadget that can load any of your saved watchlists. This is available at the bottom of the screen by clicking the watchlist name at the bottom left to change the viewed symbols. The profile link at the top right of the Home Screen allows you a quick link to your myTrade/chatroom profile.

Traditional and Simplified Chinese language support.

Our next feature to graduate to production is a bit of an exchange student with an international flair. We have added the ability to change the language of the thinkorswim platform from English to either Simplified or Traditional Chinese. This will allow our growing body of Chinese-speaking users both domestically and abroad to be able to interact with thinkorswim in a more seamless manner.

The platform language can be set in one of three ways: during the installation process, from the configuration menu on the login screen, or within the platform on the “Application Settings…” menu. To get this menu, click on “Setup” in the top right-hand corner of the software, then “Application Settings,” then “Language” on the left sidebar. On this menu, both the language for the platform itself, and the language for platform notifications can be independently set. 

Extra Credit

In addition to the two big guys mentioned above, we have made a slate of smaller improvements and additions to the software to help you in your trading journey.

  • You can create one-time or recurring alerts when new news comes out on a symbol you are watching. To create a news alert, click on the context menu at the top right of the Live News gadget and select “Create alert on news”. From there you can select the symbol(s) and news source(s) you would like to be alerted on as well as your alert delivery preferences. As always, created alerts can be edited or canceled from the Marketwatch > Alerts tab.

  • We also added an extra-large font size to the platform. This is found under the “Setup” button at the top right corner in “Application Settings…” then “Look and feel” in the left hand sidebar.
  • We’ve also adjusted how some of our instruments are rounded on the software so that derivative values of instruments with small prices (like /6J futures options) do not show as zeroes in the platform.
  • If you reopen an old support chat, it will now be routed automatically back into our general support chat queue, ensuring that you get connected to our team as quickly as possible. Don’t worry; the new representative will still be able to see your old messages, so they can get context on whatever topic it is you’re curious about.



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