Release notes for October 20, 2018

Fundamental Data now in thinkScript!

Attention all thinkScripters...We are pleased to announce that we have some new toys for you to tinker with! Introducing all new Fundamental Data now available in thinkScript! 

*insert ooh's and ahh's here*

We've added Stock Fundamentals and Fiscal Period Constants for your scripting pleasure. We also threw in a few new studies and strategies as well. To look at all this new stuff in detail, check out the links listed below.  

Stock Fundamentals

The Stock Fundamentals group functions return values of financial statement metrics of publicly quoted companies. By default, the values are returned for the currently selected symbol and are based on the annual reporting data.


Stock Fundamentals Functions

Fiscal Period Constants

Constants of the Fiscal Period group can be used as parameter values of the Stock Fundamentals functions to define the type of fiscal data to be returned: annual or quarterly.


Fiscal Period Constants

New Strategies

We hope you enjoy plugging these babies into your custom scripts and charts from now on. We won't keep you here any longer, we know you have a lot of creating to get to.


Happy Trading,

The Support Team,

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