Release notes for September 10, 2016


Sometimes it’s the little things. thinkorswim is—not to toot our own horn—a pretty sweet trading platform with more functionality than a Swiss army knife for particle colliders. While adding new tools and functionality is definitely useful, sharpening the knives and oiling the hinges are every bit as important as adding a titanium can opener. With that in mind, we focused this release on making several of the tools you already include in your trading routines work even better. New functions have been added alongside user suggestions and performance improvements to several of the tools you already know and love to make for an even svelter trading platform.

On September 10, we released thinkorswim version 1890. Features include:

Platform Personalization

We have made a slate of upgrades to how our chat rooms function; now all users in thinkorswim will be able to create a unified public “nickname” across all parts of the platform, including Chat Rooms, Support Chat, myTrade, and the Sharing Center.

  • Users can now add (optionally) their name, a photo, links to social media, and basic biographical information to go along with the nickname they wish to display across thinkorswim.

  • All chat room users now have the ability to merge their existing chat nickname with their myTrade profile.
  • As a related usability improvement, we have added to the chat rooms the ability to resize or minimize the right-hand sidebar of chat if you would like some additional space.

  • No more duplicate names—everyone is special. Each nickname must be unique to a user, so if you want to use “Dave” or “Sarah,” you better get in and select yours early. The system will suggest an alternative nickname if your existing one is a duplicate.
  • Feel like keeping to yourself? No problem. This profile and nickname system is only effective if and when you are sharing content with the larger thinkorswim world (e.g., posting in chat, creating a Sharing Center link, or posting to myTrade).

Dynamic Watchlist Alerts

thinkorswim now has the ability to alert you when a dynamic watchlist (aka a scan) updates its contents. Now when scanning for a unique technical indicator or esoteric crossover, you can get notified directly when that condition occurs across a wide variety of symbols.

  • To be alerted on a new dynamic scan, set up the scan you would like, click “Scan,” then click the “Action Menu” button below the “Scan” button, and click “Alert” when scan results change…”

  • This will bring up a Create Alert dialog in which you can select the circumstances on which you want to be alerted, the method by which you want to receive a notification, and the maximum frequency you would like those alerts to occur. Add a name for the scan, set your options, then click “Create” to set your alert.

  • Any created dynamic alerts will appear in the Alert book on the Marketwatch tab and can be edited or deleted from there.

  •  If you would like to create an alert on a dynamic watchlist you have previously created, click the “Action Menu” for the Hacker and select the scan query you wish to use there. Then you can save an alert for that scan using the steps listed above.

Improvements to Trade Flash

We have made several improvements to the Trade Flash module, making it even more flexible and informative when it comes to notifying you of unusual trading activity in the marketplace.

  • Trade Flash can now search for more computationally complex conditions, such as trades that occur in relation to technical market conditions and setups.
  • The option code is now automagically translated into a more human-readable format.
  • Number formatting for large values has been improved.
  • Unusual execution types can now be specifically identified (e.g., intermarket sweeps, extended hours trades, late reported trades, spreads, buy/writes, and many more).

Small Additions

  • We’ve made a big performance improvement when loading the platform. The startup time process has been optimized to load the platform 2.4 times faster on average than our previous version.
  • Trade sharing through myTrade now uses Sharing Center technology for its trades, making it even easier to view, analyze, or use shared trades from myTrade.
  • Nonstandard options that have a second equity deliverable now show that deliverable’s strike percentage for the option.
  • The Fundamentals tab now includes the current value, as well as the five-year average for all of the following data points: P/E Ratio, Price-to-Cash Flow Ratio, Price-to-Book Value Ratio, Market Cap-to-Common Equity Ratio, Dividend Yield, and Dividend Payout per Share.

Wailing away like Dizzy Gillespie,

The Support Team
thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade