Release notes for July 21, 2018

Another holiday week has come and gone, and we are pleased to report that not a single developer’s finger was lost due to a fireworks mishap. That being said, we did suffer a loss of some contraband fireworks. Not to direct any blame, but a box filled with nearly a hundred illuminous fireworks was haphazardly placed on what could loosely be considered a raft with the anticipation of putting on a crowd-pleasing display of American excess. The first mortar went off beautifully, to the onlookers’ delight, only to cause the entire box of unlaunched shells to tip sideways and point directly at the shore. Luckily, one who shall not be named in this entirely fictitious event, was in the water near the raft and able to save the spectators by flipping the entire box into the water. Devastating loss, for sure, but at least all were safe. Most importantly, we still had our BBQ, cucumber salad, and the anticipation of our next release to console us after the devastating loss.

With that, on Saturday, July 21, we are pleased to present to you the thinkorswim release 1934, including the following features:

High/Low Graph

High/low graph as a column for watch lists. This is a popular request from both those users of the previous Scottrade platform and legacy thinkorswim users. The column can be added to any watch list by right-clicking on a column header and selecting “Customize.” From here, search for high/low graph and double-click the selection from the left-hand side. The column displays a graphical representation of where the price is currently within its selected aggregation period. By default, this is the price in the current day’s range. The settings can be changed to include any of the common chartable time frames from the configuration menu when the column is added.

Scrolling Ticker

Scrolling ticker from the Home Screen is now detachable as a, err, scrolling ticker. This is another popular request we often receive. Previously, detaching the scrolling ticker that exists on the bottom of the home screen resulted in a regular detached watch list. It will now display the same scrolling ticker that can be placed anywhere on your screen(s).

Auto-Lock Timeout

 We have added the ability for users to enable thinkorswim to automatically lock and require the entry of the user’s password in order to interact with the software. The amount of time between clicks in the software until it locks out can be set from never to eight hours. To access this setting, click on “Setup,” “Application Settings,” and then “Security” (under the general tab).

Happy trading,
The Support Team
thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade