Release notes for June 30, 2018

As our development team looks lovingly at the warm glow of lines of code on a wall of monitors, finalizing the next release for thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade, we hope that you have the BBQ grill fired up and are enjoying the warmth of the summer sun. Perhaps you read these release notes while sitting next to the glistening blue of a pool or on a lovely beach someplace exotic. Maybe Barbados? Awww, we dream of the life you must lead, other than that being in the sun thing -- that star is hot! On second thought, maybe we will just keep doing what we do best (stellar releases), and let you enjoy our work and the outdoors.

 On Saturday, June 30th, we are pleased to release thinkorswim version 1932, featuring charting performance upgrades and enhancements for future development. Highlights of this release include:

Portfolio Studies

While these have been available to users with thinkscript knowledge or have consumed a share from a fellow trader, they are now more easily added from the main “Edit Studies and Strategies” menu.

To select these, click on the search menu drop down on the top left of the “Edit Studies and Strategies” menu and select “Portfolio Studies”. You can then select the available studies from here.

AccountNetLiq: Gives the account’s net liquidation value for the current time frame selected.

PositionNetLiq: Gives the currently charted symbol’s (if a position is held) net liquid value for the current selected time frame.

PositionOpenPL: Gives the currently charted symbol's (if a position is held) profit or loss from the opening of the current position.

More New Studies!

Studies from our friends over at Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities including:

DeviationScaledMovAvg: The Deviation-Scaled Moving Average is a data smoothing technique that acts like an exponential moving average with a dynamic smoothing coefficient.

CAM_Indicator: The CAM_Indicator is a trend-detecting study based on coordinated usage of the Average Directional Index (ADX) and the Moving Average Divergence/Convergence (MACD) oscillator on the same chart.

CumluativeOvernightVolume: The Cumulative Overnight Volume is a technical indicator that detects unusually high volume during the overnight trading session.

More information on all of these can be found under Reference and Studies Library on the thinkorswim Learning Center (