Release notes for May 19, 2018

Spring is in full swing and, along with it, so is baseball season. We are not mentioning this because the majority of the office are diehard fans of a local World Series winning Chicago team. Nor because America’s favorite pastime is playing in the background while we write this. We mention this because our thoughts are on our next release. Why is this important to software releases of thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade? Our release structure is actually broken up into two different types of releases: one for charting and functionality related to those components, and another for everything else in the software. For this particular release, we are combining both of what would be separate releases into one exciting double-header. In addition to the double-header we are also bringing you some "Extra Innings” features.


Let’s Play Two on May 19th, 2018, with build 1928 containing:

Phase Scores



This handy little gadget allows users to set criteria on a large array of fundamental and technical data points in which to create buy and sell signals. The gadget breaks the data into a couple different categories. Editing each of these by clicking the gear to the top right of each allows the user to set a point or range for the particular data point to present an up arrow or down arrow on the gadget itself. 


To add this new gadget to the left-hand sidebar, either click the gear on the top right of a gadget you would like to change, or click the plus sign on the bottom of the left-hand tool bar, and select Phase Scores.


For Phase 1, users can select from a wide range of fields related to the fundamentals of the company. To get started, an example of what can selected and set up can be seen below:

In this example, the settings are as follows:

Volume Ratio 5/30 day is set to higher than 150 for arrow up and Lower than 50 for an arrow down signal. Price rank is set to  higher than 70 for an arrow up signal and lower than 30 for an arrow down. The Accumulation and Distribution selection is set to higher than 60 for an arrow up and lower than 40 for down

For phase 2, there are plenty of choices to choose from. Those familiar with how Investools’ historically used phase scores may notice some favorites missing. These are coming in a future release. Scoring most of the Phase 2 items involves giving individual numbers to each component (Price Pattern at first with more to come soon). Phase 2 scoring uses a four-point scale, similar to how most schools report grades. 4.0 is a strong “A” and 0.0 is a failing grade, or “F.”


In addition to these, nearly all other columns that are available in a watchlist can be added to the phase score gadget for informational use.


With the criteria used, a stock may be generally considered a candidate for further

examination if it shows multiple positive scores.

Alert Expiration Notifications

This setting allows users to set an expiration date when setting an alert, allowing alerts to be deleted automatically after a predefined date. Users are also able to set reminders for when alerts are about to expire.  To access these settings, on the lower portion of the alert creation window, click to expand the options and then set the desired date and reminders.

New Chart Studies

We have added a handful of studies that were all recently featured in a friendly charting publication, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. These include:

·         RecursiveMedianFilter is essentially an exponential moving average of the median close Price.

·         RecursiceMedianOscillator that builds on the previous filter by combining the Highpass Filter to it.

·         WeeklyAndDailyMACD, developed by Vitali Apirine for analysis of the Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence (MACD) oscillator using two time frames on a single chart.

WeeklyAndDailyPPO, also developed by Vitali Apirine for analysis of the Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) using two time frames on a single chart.

·         Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) is a moving average that changes its sensitivity to price moves depending on the calculated volatility.


More information on all of these can be found under Reference and Studies Library on the thinkorswim Learning Center (



Extra Innings

Trader TV in the Home Screen Tab

The new addition to the Home Screen allows users to watch Trader TV directly from the tab. Simply click the plus to add and select the widget from under the thinkorswim category to get access to your favorite TD Ameritrade Network or CNBC live feeds. 


Closed Captioning in Chat Rooms

The chat rooms will also support closed captioning display during screenshare through the use of the “CC” button at the lower right hand of the screenshare panel. Note this functionality is (at present) only available for live screen shows. Archived seminars will be supported in a future release.


The Learning Center in thinkorswim

No longer will users need to open a web browser to access all of the helpful information that is available on the thinkorswim Learning Center ( as this page is now available as its own subtab under the Education tab in thinkorswim.




Let’s Play Ball (or play with our favorite trading platform)!


The Support Team,

Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade





TD Ameritrade and Vitali Apirine are separate and unaffiliated, and are not responsible for one another’s policies, services or opinions.