Release notes for March 10, 2018

Scene: A manager, a different manager, a TD Ameritrade Network television personality, another manager, and yet another manager walk into a conference room. Lights are eerily low, too low for a working environment, but it helps set the mood. A bag of popular warehouse brand tortilla chips sits on a circular conference table. Light elevator style music plays in the background. A large pile of thinkorswim®- branded plush monkeys sit in a corner.


Different Manager(DM): I need a good topic for the intro to our release notes.

TD Ameritrade Network Personality(TDANTVP): How about opposite day? You know: reds are greens, down is up, cats are dogs … *gets cut off *

Manager 1(M1): HAHA That’s great!

DM: MMM, Nope. Got anything else?

Manager(M2): *Reading popular info website* Mood rings! Back in 1975, two New Yorkers invented …

Manager(M3): *Cutting off M2* You know March Madness is coming up, why not something related to that? *Starts talking irrelevant basketball stats from a bubble team

*Blank stares all around the room*

*You can hear the sound of someone chewing a crispy tortilla chip with an open mouth in the background*

M2: How about the Oscars?

DM, M1, TDANTVP: (nearly in unison) PERFECT!

TDANTVP: Write a script, I’ll proof it. It’s what I do, you know, being in the industry and all. *Incoherent dialogue of a delusional pseudo-celebrity*



For your consideration, we present you on March 10th thinkorswim release 1924 that contains:

Color Scheme Customization

Just in time for spring, we’re giving you the ability to customize the way thinkorswim looks. Yes, that’s right folks: You can now customize nearly every color within thinkorswim. To select this methodology click on Setup->Application Setting-> Look and feel->Color Scheme. You can now set thinkorswim to match your favorite March Madness team’s colors (you’re welcome M3), match the seasons, or use colors that are easier to see based on your individual tastes.

Please note that the colorization on the charts is still controlled by the chart settings under Charts->Style->Settings->Appearance.


Other added benefits:

  • Colorblind users can further tweak quote colorization.
  • Chinese users can select red for an uptick and green for a downtick. In fact, we have set these as a predefined option.
  • Impress your social media followers with a completely customized look for thinkorswim via thinkorswim sharing (try our attempt at spring and light metal)


Alerts on Analyst Reports

Curious to know when your favorite company’s analyst reports change? You can now set an alert for these changes by clicking on the bell next to a report on the Analyze-> Fundamentals tab while looking at a company that provides earnings. After clicking on the bell icon, select which company you would like the alert for. You can also choose all, select to be alerted on all symbols, or select a particular symbol or watchlist; and then select how often you would like to be alert for the changes.


Learning Center as a Tab

**Coming Soon** We added the ability to access the thinkorswim learning center from within the thinkorswim platform. To get to this, navigate to the Education tab and click Learning Center. From here you can access current and historic release notes, thinkorswim how-to videos, and other thinkorswim-related reference material.

Thank you. Thank you. We’d like to thank the Academy, our developers, faithful users … *play off music starts*

The Support Team

thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade