Release notes for February 03, 2018

In anticipation of inviting new traders, users, investors, clients, friends, associates, and family from Scottrade to our world we saw it fit to do a little tiding up of the place. This isn’t the type of cleaning where the remote is moved to “where it belongs,” it’s more along the lines of improving the ventilation to increase air quality. If that metaphor doesn’t hit home, basically we are making thinkorswim more responsive at times where we know we have more system load.  Also, while making back end performance improvements we did manage to shake out a few tiny features.

On February 3, we released thinkorswim version 1922. Features include:

24/5 Trading


There is a new order type in town! Well it’s actually a new time in force and it works all night long. We have added two new Time in Force choices, EXTO and GTC_EXTO. When you place an order using EXTO time in force, your order will be working around the clock. 24 hour trading isn't just for derivatives traders anymore, the same functionality is now available on some of our most widely-traded securities.

  • EXTO orders are only accepted on a set number of symbols. Those symbols are shown the public watchlist ’24 Hour Trading’
  • In any watchlist when you see the little 24 icon next to the symbol, this indicates that it is available for 24 hour trading.


  • ETXO and GTC_EXTO time and force can be found as new choices in the TIF menu on your order
  • The EXTO session is valid for all sessions for one trading day from 8 p.m. ET until 8 p.m. ET, Sunday through Friday. GTC + EXTO orders are valid for all sessions Sunday through Friday until filled or canceled

  • Do to the big deal nature of this feature, here are some  other resources  for more information

Dividend adjusted charts

When looking at a long term chart that has been paying dividends for a similarly long term, the idea comes to mind “what would an investment over this long period look like accounting for all those dividends?”  Now TOS charts allow you to see just that. With the ability to adjust charts for dividends you can reverse engineer the exaction of the dividend amount from the price of the stock chart. The logic is pretty simple. On  a stock’s dividend date the price of the dividend is taken out of the price of the stock, this is something that occurs in a free market as the nature of appropriate pricing. When looking at a chart this price movement is easily seen as, baring overnight pricing shifts, the stock price is down by the dividend amount. With TOS charts we allow you to take that same dividend amount out from all of the historical price data so that you can see data as if the dividends were back into the stock.

  • Dividends adjusted charts are only available for dividend paying equities.
  • Charts can be adjusted for only special dividends or for all dividends.
  • To find this adjustment setting, click on Style then Settings and choose the Equities tab. Here is where you can choose if you to adjust the chart for All dividends or just Special


We have also added one study (PMC) and increased the number of scan criteria you can add to each scan from 10 to 25.


The Support Team
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