Drawings: FAQ

  • Should I log in to my account over the weekend of the release?
    Yes. Especially if you are a thinkorswim charts user. We will migrate all of the drawings from your workspace and that process may take longer than the normal loading time.
  • Why are my charts taking more time to load?
    We are migrating your drawings to a centralized location. You can now take advantage of the new drawing storage.
  • Why do I see ‘Unsaved drawings’?
    The chart you are looking at contains drawings that have been merged out of an old workspace or grid. These drawings are not saved and will be removed if you close a detached chart or reset the grid in any way. Closing the application will not affect these unsaved drawings.
  • What are ways I can remove the new Unsaved drawings?
    The easiest way to remove them is to click the drawings menu and choose a new set. You will also remove the unsaved drawings by changing or resetting the chart grid.
  • If I lose my Unsaved drawings can I get them back?
    You can always restore your workspace by closing down the software and bringing up the login screen. From here, click on the gear in the lower left, then click on the clock icon in the lower left. From here, select a date prior to the YYYY-MM-DD
  • I do not see any drawings but my chart has Unsaved drawings displayed. Where are the drawings?
    The drawings are probably older than your current time frame is displaying. You can change the time frame to display the drawings. If you switch the drawing set to Default, we will remove the drawings for you.
  • I’ve added a drawing to a chart. Why do I see it appear on another chart as well?
    All changes made to a drawing set are automatically synchronized across all charts of the same instrument where that drawing set is selected. So, when you add, edit, or remove a drawing in a set, the changes are immediately applied.
  • Can I clear all the drawings from the Unsaved drawings set?
    Yes. You can simply choose a new drawing set.
  • What was the prompt message when I switched drawing sets?

    This will only appear when you are taking an action that will cause you to lose drawings associated with the drawing set.