FAQ - 2 Digit Futures

Why do futures symbols now show 2 digits instead of 1?

The main reason for this change is clarity. Using a single digit can make it confusing to differentiate between expiration dates with the same digit, specifically with contracts that span greater than a decade. In addition, our feed provider is switching to this method, as it is the new standard.

What do the letters next to futures symbols mean?

The letters you are seeing are called Market Identifier Codes. These will tell you where the product is trading. The most common Identifier Codes you will encounter in thinkorswim are:

  • XCBF: CFE/CBOE – Example: /XBT Bitcoin Futures
  • XCBT: Board of Trade – Example: /ZC Corn Futures
  • XNYM: Nymex – Example: /CL Crude Oil Futures
  • XCME: CME – Example: /6E Euro Futures
  • XCEC: Comex – Example: /SI Silver Futures

You can visit the CBOE website HERE, and click on “ISO’s Market Identifier Code page” to download the full list of codes in Excel or PDF format.

Does this mean my existing position and/or the product has changed?

No, the only thing that has changed it the way the symbol is displayed. 

Why is the Market Identifier Code missing on some products?

These symbols are considered “default” symbols, this means they trade in more than one place. In this instance, they will not have a Market Identifier Code.